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Family Apostolate

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About Us

The church recommends a family-oriented pastoral service. Pastoral care of parishes today becomes a challenging task as parishioners move to different parts of the world for study and work.

Family apostolate is a system of working closely with the Reverend Vicar for the overall growth of a parish. The congregation is apostolic by nature. Every member of the church should share in this mission. The laity are called to proclaim Jesus in the circumstances of life in which they find themselves.

The five leaders of the ward have divided the total houses in the ward into five and formed micro-units. By spreading micro-unit level activities, closer ties can be established with each family, even with distant families.

The biggest challenge facing the church today is the pastoral care of the diaspora. Accurate information of those living outside Kerala for study and work is being collected and included on the website of the Family Apostolate through the micro units of the Diocese. Once this is done, it will be easy to form associations of people living in each place outside Kerala.

Family Apostolate
Family Apostolate