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By giving a divine dimension to the concept of motherhood, which is the foundation of the whole world, the organization called 'Catholica Mathrusangham' was formed in the Kerala Church by Rev. Fr.Joseph Mavunkal. A woman, a mother, has a generational responsibility. This organization of mothers is the result of the efforts and the great desire to make women aware of this great mission entrusted to them and through them to reform the family, the Church and the society.


Origin and Growth

It is a matter of proud for Kothamangalam Diocese that this organization was established during the tenure of Rev. Fr. Joseph Mavunkal as the Vicar of Karimannur Church (1941-49) before the division of Ernakulam Archdiocese. In fact, Kothamangalam Diocese was becoming the cradle of the Catholica Mathrusangham. This organization was started in 1941 with the blessings of the then Catholic Church leaders, Bishop Mar Augustinos , Bishop Mar Ivanios, and later, Bishop Mar Mathew Kavukattu. It can be understood according to the Nalagama of Karimannur Church that this organization was formed on 27 th November 1941.


Perhaps because of its origin in the kothamangalam diocese, this organisation spread rapidly in our diocese. Later renamed as 'Mathrudeepthi' and again as 'Mathruvedi', this organisation today has units in all the parishes of Kothamangalam diocese.



Mathruvedi is a Syro Malabar Catholic organisation/forum for the married women of the community aiming at a strong communion of mothers built on faith and prayer that shines brightly in the family, in the Church and in the World.


Standing with the church, this excellent system opens a venue for all the married women to foster their capabilities and strengthen their spiritual power through various cultural and spiritual activities of the church, thereby ensuring the formation of genuine families based on christian values.


Ensuring faith- oriented life, organising seminars to develop knowledge, trainings to develop and nurture leadership skills, activities to help the poor, encouraging relationships that emphasize virtues, working for the integral development of mothers of the community are just some among the many activites of Mathruvedi.


By devising activities that link different levels of the Church, from the parish to the diocesan level, and further to the national and international levels, Mathruvedi brings all mothers of the community under one umbrella and ensures their collective participation in the activities of the church.

Mother Mary being the guide and role model, Mathruvedi invites all mothers to be the effective instruments of God in order to establish and strengthen the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.